Orchard HRO


About Orchard HRO

Orchard delivers professional services that provide executive teams, HR professionals, managers and employees, with everything you need to maintain and develop an engaged, productive, and cost-effective workforce.

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Recruitment Services

Orchard’s branded recruitment neatly dovetails into your existing careers function to seamlessly extend and augment your team.

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Career Centres

Simplify your recruitment processes … extend, improve and transform your talent attraction and engagement capability to grow and retain your workforce for business success.

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Talent Management

Our professional consultants provide strategic talent management and transformation advice and assistance, supporting you through all stages of the employee life cycle. We design and deliver a range of solutions which ensure you get the best talent, retain and develop your talent, and transform and reshape your talent as conditions change.

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HR as a Service

Orchard provides a powerful cloud HRIS and outsourced Human Resources services to support all aspects of the employee life cycle.

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